RIP Skip 45

Apparently, Randal our drummer moved away from CHI. Oh well

What is "Apple Core"?

Apple core is a philosophy created by eric jeff and I. Its actually a parody of straight edge harcore. Its not that there's anything wrong about it. Its just that some people like to wave the straight edge flag and they have no fuckin idea what its all about. Just like the kids in school with anarchy pins on their Old Navy bookbag. Its just stupid. All these fucks in school with circle A pins and yet they have no idea what is all about "I just think it looks cool!" they'd say. Fuckin poser. (no offense to anyone.) Apple Core is beyond straight edge harcore its XXX to the EXTREME! Ha! Apple Core is also the logo for Dorkus Malorcus Productions. We wanna have a punk show and get a bunch of bands to come. To find out more, click here.

Tales of Mischeif

An eyewitness account of the events of Friday, December 14, 2001
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