Apple Core! Its not just a word. Its the latest Punk Subculture! Everybody's talking about it! You might be asking how YOU can join in this growing trend, and how you can be the first kid on your street to wave the Apple Core flag. Well; we'll explain to you about the philosophy of Apple Core, and how to become Apple Core.
Apple Core is just like any other punk rock scene. Finding traces of its roots in Straight-Edge, Veganism, Anarcho-Syndicalism, Taoism, Shi'ite Islam, Physics, the belief in Johny Apple Seed, and Rasta. Kids who are Apple Core are the most hardcore kids in the world. They'll beat the shit out of you if you give them shit. People who are Apple Core can mostly be identified by the the drawing of an apple on their hand. Some people prefer to put an X on the apple to show that they're "Straight-Edge Apple Core". In order to live an Apple Core life, you have to change your diet to consist of foods that are made out of apples, or have apples in them. In order to be Apple Core, you should carry at least one apple with you at all times. The apple can be used for various reasons. For example, you can throw the apple at people's faces for whatever reason you want. Whether, they give you shit about being Apple Core, or if you want to break their thumbs. You can throw apples at fascists and riot police. People who identify themselves with the apple core scene can retell the story of John Chapman (aka Johnny Appleseed). People who are really into the Apple Core scene have a Tonsure hairstyle. The meaning behind the Tonsure is that you must let your inner core be exposed to the world for others too see, and not to hide behind a mass of hair and to truly let yourself be free. Those who want to be in the Apple Core scene should learn how to plant apple trees, when the best time is to pick apples, and how to take care of apple trees.
One of most extreme variations of the Apple Core scene is the ALF. The Apple Liberation Front. They beleive in direct action. They hijack produce trucks who are delivering apples to the market and set the apples free. Other ALF actions also include robbing supermarkets of their apple displays in the produce section of the store. The ALF is notorious among the Apple Core scene and those considering joining the ALF should take caution because many of their activities are illegal.
Being in the Apple Core scene requires more than just waving a flag and buying apple scented spray and apple computers. Apple Core is something that grows in your heart (or genitals) and stays with you for ever (like herpes). Hopefully, this little explanation of the Apple Core scene can give you insight on whatever questions you might have. Remember. Knowledge is Power.

"Before you go waving flags, know what you stand for."-H20

The ALF isn't real apple core bloc. There is actually a group called the ALF. The Animal Liberation Front. The Animal Liberation Front rescues animals from animal testing facilities, and farms and do other things for animals by any means necessary.