Last Friday, Eric, Jeff, Matt, Ed and I went out for some fun. We first went to see. Not Another Teen Movie. It was a pretty funny movie. We went to the AMC in Granite Run, but they didn't have it. So then, we went to the mall and walked arround, and then we headed off to the movies in Marple. We got in and saw the movie. There was this old guy sitting behind us who was weird, but seemed to be enjoying the movie. After seeing the movie, we went to Norwood for Matt to get a tattoo.

Here Eric is driving in Norwood.

The place was closed. So then we went to Giant for some mischief.
After going in, Matt, Ed and I posed in front of a box of nuts.

Matt picks up a pie; egg custard. Apple pie, or cherry pie would've been better.

Ha! Ha! Now Matt is about to purchase this wonderful pastry. "Paper or plastic?"
"No thanx, I can carry it my face!" Splat!

After Matt hit himself in the face with the pie, we just stood there for about 10 seconds (maybe i'm exaggerating). All you can hear was the loud gasp of the cashier after she saw Matt's face deep into the pie. Then a smile started to appear out of Matt, Eric and I. I was standing by the exit. We all started to laugh hysterically and we ran for the car. Ed and Jeff were already waiting and we drove off to Wawa.

Here we are throwing away the evidence. Mission accomplished!

The End