I'm giving in...i'm putting my crap on opendiary.com...i'm trusting the corporate giant with my personal info. (like they care.) Using my emotions for profit. What a genius idea. I wish some things didn't exist. I wish things were like they once were. (With a few exceptions.) I wanna go to sleep, I think i'm too tired. MU330 is making me drowsy. Tonite's the band concert. I need to clean my trumpet. Adios


Damn, I have to go to NJ today to see some "friends of the family." Last night was the dance. It was ok. Laura looked really nice (even though she's pretty every day), and there were a lot of people I know. Laura felt sick and I hope she feels better. I feel bad for Alexis because everyone was making fun of her mexican heritage. Thats not cool and i'm being a hypocrite for not doing anything.
(De La Hoya: Has No Credibility, Track 6) That song is about how the singer was being a hypocrite....you just need to read the lyrics. I got that CD this week and I like it a lot.
I think i'm being sent to "Bootcamp" on the Maury show. I'm 12 yrs. old and i'm pregnant. That was great.
Friday; Eric, Jeff, Matt, Ed and I went to see "Not Another Teen Movie" It was pretty funny. You just need to forget about being PC to laugh at the movie. Jeff and Eric got crap from Old Navy that night (I hate Old Navy). They got stuff for $3.00. Hmmm...the stuff was made in Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. Globalization?

I got back from Haddonfield, NJ. Nothin much. Comi arroz con gandules y pasteles...la comida tipica navidena de Puerto Rico. Pase todo el dia pensando en ella.
I heart Laura!


Last night, I was walking to Eric's houes to see if he was home. He wasn't there so I went to Laura's. After a while her dad drove Andrew?(i think that was his name.)and I home. As the car passed Eric's, I noticed that he got home. When I got home, I called him and then he walked over and we hung out at his house for a while. We IM'd Laura and we walked to her house....it was raining and she came out in socks and a red sweatshirt. I feel kinda like an ass because Eric and I were acting stupid and talking about stuff she doesn't know about. And she went in soaking wet. She sent me a cool email, and ummm....We're going to Mandy's so that she can get a gift certificate for one of her friends. This morning I had to get ice for a Motif bakesale. I was in Pathmark and I saw the stupidest headline on one of the tabloid magazines. I wish that the rest of the day would go faster. I think that my CD player is missing. I can't find it. Last night I was listening to reggae...I was in the mood for deep thought....

Holy Crap

That thing with Jose yesterday or the day before was like some freakin omen. It was crazy because my dad said that if we wanted to; we could move back to Puerto Rico because there was another job opening there. I don't really want to go...What's the point of being here for one year if I'm going back...I'm not really going to move to Puerto Rico anyways. Its just weird that my dad was actaully thinking about it, and that he wanted to know if I wanted to move back.DON'T WORRY. I'M NOT MOVING BACK
Tony and "Christopher Robin" were telling me about the show last night and that Tony's going to the show again tonite.


O wow. its been six weeks since i've updated this. This past week has been like an emo song or something. I'm going to the "xmas" ball with Laura. He he ...I'm giddy like a school boy. She's really cool, and I like her alot.
I realized today that I have more tolerance for rap than before. I actually liked some wu-tang songs. "But they're keepin it real." I hate MTV. The "Don't Look Down" show wasn't last weekend its this saturday @ the American Legion in Kennet Sqr. I don't know if i'm goin cuz thats the same day as the dance. Eric's supposed to be here today from Univ. of Delaware. Its gonna be cool. I put in some poems for the poetry contest. I hope I win 1st 2nd or 3rd prize if I win, then i'll get $30, if second-$20, if third-$10. I wrote some weird poems.
Last friday there was a band called "Bad Luck-13" or something like that. I never heard of them, but Jeff and Matt wanted to go. Rumor on the street is that they take barbed wire and tie them to baseball bats and hit people with it in the crowd. They're supposed to be really HC. Jeff was telling the "emo" girl in the trading post that there's no such thing as emo. Ha ha.


Nothin much....Yesterday, I bought some weird crap to make my hair spike up..but it sucked...i'd rather use gel.


X-mas is arround the corner! Can't wait. I'm gonna go to a show this weekend...Don't Look Down. Catch 22 is comming to the Troc on the 30th...I hope I'm not in NY at that time......I hope I can talk to this cool girl i like again...


MU330 rules. Its been a long time since i've been to a show. I'm listening to Asian Man Radio. Cool. You suck. Why the fuck are you reading this crap? My life is boring. Ok. bye...maybe i'll see you @ school, or in the street, or in my dreams.


I talked to one of my friends from Puerto Rico. Cool she moved to Virginia...and right now its unusually warm. Holly crap! I have to send in my college applications! Deer hunting season begun. let the slaughter of innocent animals begin.

These are the shoes I should've bought. I like them better. Don't you?


I bought a pair of new shoes. cool. It rained. cool. I'm back in school from thanksgiving.

these are the shoes I got. Two tone rules.


Lots of crap has happened since last October. I turned 17; I can't wait till I turn 18. Most kids cant wait to be 18 because they'll be able to buy cigarettes and porn...I can't wait to turn 18 so that I can vote.

...ok then maybe nothing really happened since last October.

Here I am in the Kew Gardens Public library in Queens, NY. Just up the street from my grandparent's house. I spent my Thanksgiving in Brooklyn. I had lots of fun...not really. The seeing the Manhattan skyling since 9/11 was so creepy. It just doesn't look the same. My cousin told me he saw both planes crashing into the building as he was daydreaming and looking out the window in school. Another one of my cousins who went to "ground zero" told me the place smells like permanent marker. Now's not the time for Jingoism and stupid racsim against people of arab descent. Tolerance and Peace will win this war.


I hate this system...Today was such a bad day...things only get worse.


Fuck! I didn't really want to go to the NFG show in philly @ the electric factory,cuz I didn't want to be surrounded by poser teeny-bopers, but now i wanna go cuz i found out that RX Bandits are opening them up! FUCK! RX BANDITS RAWK! ok..this sux cuz there are no tix, they're all soul doubt!


Today there was a fire drill at school, the school was all muddy and dirty. There were clouds of dust in the hallway. It made me think of ANTHRAX. During lunch, Geoff wrote on my plate: "This plate is non-biodegradeable. It will take trilions of years to turn into toxic gas" Mr. Koz gave me this crap about how I should smile and asked me if i've never seen a sunset at the beach (I've lived in Puerto Rico for most of my life, and i've seen plenty of sunsets at the beach, and they're always beautiful, I bet that i've seen more sunsets at beaches than he ever has in his life, what a jackass) and also talked about how some indian tribe burnt down a forest in califorinia (like that can justify the thousands of tons of shit that the US puts into the sea, air and land.) The fact that makes me pissed is that he talks to me as if I were the one who put that in my plate. (asshole) I don't wanna go to work! I'm tired.


I was reading a text book in Euro. History class, and I saw a picture of some guy. I started to laugh because it looked like Don Francisco on Sabado Gigante. Then I turned arround to tell one of my classmates but realized that they wouldn't know what I was talking about. It sucks not having latinos in school. I feel sad, weird, and somewhat depressed/homesick. Ay! quiero regresar a mi isla.

10/18/2001 Its been a while since I wrote. coffee house today! horray! today's my mother's b day! Yesterday I read a funny "Boondocks" comic. (flag and ribbon, ha!) Its 5:28 am. My alarm went up way early I woke up at arround 4. That sucks.